Refund Policy

- There are no refunds after a deposit has been made. There is no way to reverse it.

- You must use your balance to execute orders on Iq Smm.

- You agree that once a payment is completed, you will not open a dispute or chargeback against Iq Smm.

- If you file a dispute or chargeback, we reserve the right to cancel all your future orders, ban you from Iq Smm, and remove all social media services delivered to you.

- We will not allow fraudulent activity, such as stolen credit cards or unauthorized activity on our website, and such accounts will be suspended.

- Iq Smm is designed for social media resellers worldwide.

- There are no refunds for completed orders.

- Beware of impersonators asking for payments outside the panel. Only use Iq Smm's dashboard to make payments. Iq Smm does not hold the account for actions done by them.

- If you are placing a duplicate link while one is already in process, then it will be your loss, as they will overlap the numbers, and there are no refunds for such orders. Any order in which our support team is not able to check the counts, i.e., services like story views, live views, etc., will require a screenshot for a refund/refill.

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